Oban April 2017

The trip to Oban was a two day trip, travelling up on Friday, with diving Saturday and Sunday.Divers to make their own way to Oban and sorted out their own accommodation, we all stayed at the Oban Caravan & Camping Park on Gallanach Road, Oban.The Tides on Saturday were Low Water 10.36AM & High Water 16.34PM And Sunday Low Water 11.13AM & High Water 17.03PM. The Weather was good SSW 10mph, we assembled the small Rib the night before, and did the dive brief over a few beers. In the morning we moved the boat down onto the beach and set off for the first dives site along Kerrera Sound before low water.The first Dive was a wall dive at Port Lathaich, about .6 nautical miles from our entry point. First two divers were Kirk & Fred, 45mins later they popped up, they said it was a great dive. We a few scallops too boot. Myself, Joe & Faz kitted up and the small rib repositioned. Over we went, the wall kept on the right hand side the small current taking us along, squat lobsters, brown crab, kelp, some sea ferns on the sandy ledges. A Great dive.Back on the rib, and back to the camp site, to change cylinders and prepare for the next dive. After a bite to eat and a brew we headed back down Kerrera Sound to Cutter Rock and SgeireanDubha. Once again Kirk & Fred were deployed over the side. Kirk and Fred once surfaced said it was another great dive.Due to the flooding tide, we missed our entry point, this was because the tide was coming in and had covered one of the visual marks used when Fred and Kirk dived. At first it was great with kelp and rocks but then turned in to a baron waste with the odd scallop here and there, I guess it had been dredged sometime recent! Back on the rib and off for a brew and some food.Sunday morning we all woke to no wind, it was decided the night before that should the weather be better than expected we shall do our first dive on the Breda. I went online and found the co-ordinates for the site, and made an approximate guess with the use of our website and got the heading for the Breda from Ganavan Bay it has a large car park with toilets which is handy.Heading out we set a course along coastline towards ardmucknish bay where the Breda lies. All seemed promising when we found a Buoy in the bay, and decided to pull it up.!!!Lobster pot.. Anyway we moved closer to shore and came across two buoy’s reasonable close together, another tug on the buoy rope and all seemed sound no movement or lobster pot. Joe, Fred and Kirk geared up and went in, 40 mins later they came up all excited. But this time the wind had picked up, Myself and Faz kitted up and away we went into the unknown. Well at least for us it was.Dive four was at Dunollie Castle, There is no parking here so we dropped our gear on the slip in front of the castle and then drive around the corner to the bay and parked there. A little walk down the road back to the slip, kit up and in we go. Myself and Faz shortly followed by Kirk & Fred, this dive was a quick 25 minute dive, from a shallow bay with kelp and a few scallops scattered about the current took us down to about 18meters, we saw scallops, kelp, weed, starfish, urchin’s and a few small fish. What seemed like a very fast dive we decided to make our way to a shallower depth. Thinking we had been swept along past the beach exit point, after a 3 minute safety stop we surfaced in front of a cliff face, about 20 meters before the beach. A small selection of photo’s in the Album, a few more will be posted on our website and more on facebook page along with a video or two.Neal Postlethwaite